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Lunch / dinner on a yacht and visit Alcázar
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Relaxing yacht ride navigating the bridges of the beautiful city of Seville. While you enjoy our 6-course tasting menu. After lunch on a yachtMenuCold: Iberian cold meat assortment, 6 cheese platter and crispy bread toast with duck mousse medallion topped with duck hamHot: Seafood paella, cod fillet with pil pil and sirloin with whiskeyDrinks included until dessert presentation (beer, Rioja red wine, Huelva County white wine, soft drinks, water)To finish, we will toast with cavaAfter lunch, you can visit one of the city's jewels, the Alcázar, with an official guide.Tickets included, we take care of buying them without commission and without endless queues.THANKS TO THE SIZE OF OUR YACHT AND THE REDUCED NUMBER OF PASSENGERS, WE COMPLETE THE DISTANCE AND DISINFECTION MEASURES. DEMANDED WITH INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES

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